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About Us


Originally created as a division of 'LOOK Management and Production', established in 1990 as Australia’s first management company for professional hair and makeup artists, stylists and fashion photographers, selected for their skill, creativity, and ability to inspire through education, the LOOK Team is made up of our top makeup artists. From fashion week to industry events to social media, these beacons of beauty know-how have an influential and inspiring presence, whilst bringing you ‘makeup courses by makeup artists’ not career teachers.

LOOK Academy is about mastering professional makeup techniques used by the worlds top makeup artists. Our focus is on providing professional development through our unique workshops, designed to  take your skills to the next level. 

The LOOK curriculum teaches you current makeup techniques without spending thousands of dollars, and months practicing the same old outdated lessons taught within so many other classes. 


Each LOOK Academy course has been designed to help you to master the craft of makeup artistry in a manner that is unique in the industry, by providing you with practical real world skills in an academic setting.

Whether you are a makeup rookie or a colour enthusiast, we can teach you the ideal techniques for your face, eye and lip shape, as well as your complexion, through a series of hands-on, interactive group makeup courses, each aimed at teaching you professional expertise.

Learn the pro’s best kept secrets by 'the pro's'. Our professional makeup artists are the top of their field, with their own current careers in the beauty, fashion, film/screen, magazine, TV and advertising industries.


A flawless makeup application starts with the right tools.

At LOOK we stock all natural mineral makeup, along with complementary products and tools, all made in Australia, and recommended by our LOOK Academy makeup artists for professional finishes as well as for everyday use.