It's All About Beauty. It's All About being unashamedly you.

Australian made pure mineral makeup that's redefining beauty for a new generation.

Let’s get real. Every beauty is searching for their LOOK, exploring their LOOK, reinventing their LOOK.

LOOK Academy cosmetics is the ultimate Australian made beauty brand inspired by a bold approach to confident, sassy, Australian born inclusive beauty that’s constantly evolving.

“Who are you? Are you one look, many looks, the sum of your looks? What is YOUR LOOK?”

LOOK Academy cosmetics is a makeup concept that celebrates self-defined Australian and global beauty.

The unashamedly Australian beauty look with a bold, natural, simple, radiant, confident, dynamic and sassy vibe.

LOOK Academy Cosmetics is proudly Australian.

The rugged beauty of the Australian landscape comes alive in LOOK Academy’s colour palette inspired by the natural tones and shades of Australia. From the orange hues of the desert to the dusty pinks that pop up in the sky at twilight, the reddish-pink-nude-red hues of the earth and the soft neutral tones of sand and beaches reminiscent of the raw, arid and ever changing landscape of Australia.

The lakes, the earth, the deserts, the water, the salt, the coral

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