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Our Story

Founded by Guy Venables.

In 1988 when Guy moved to Australia, he opened The Folio Agency - the first specialist photographers and production agency in the Oceanic region - and accidentally created a niche in the commercial photography industry that hadn’t been seen before in this part of the world.

Over the years it accelerated and launched the careers of photographers, many of whom are still considered industry leaders today. A few years in, commercial makeup artists and stylists were added to the Folio books, and The Look Agency was born - becoming Australia’s very first specialist agency exclusively managing the careers of the top commercial makeup artists and stylists working in the celebrity, fashion, magazine and advertising industries.

Then a few years later again, a makeup star was born in Look Academy.

After seeing women of all ages come and go through his agency we released most had no formal makeup training.

So Guy with all his makeup artists set out to change this. Transforming his studios into workshops on the weekends to share the knowledge of the makeup artists whose careers depend on making celebrities and models look fabulous.

Working with these artists, Guy created the Look Academy’s mineral makeup collection - the beautiful result of rigorous research, quality control, and a lot of opinions from even more makeup artists.

And this is the collection we now bring to you.

The makeup of the makeup and fashion industry.